Excerpts from an IM conversation with a colleague in which we figured out how we will eventually be able to time travel.

It’s Friday. 

[13:15] jonathanhstrauss: as or more disruptive than web 2.0
[13:15] jonathanhstrauss: which i define as the disaggregation of the back end services from the front end uis
[13:16] finduseshare: didn’t apis and xml do that?
[13:16] jonathanhstrauss: yes
[13:16] jonathanhstrauss: thus enabling web 2.0
[13:16] jonathanhstrauss: which is when the basis of competition switched from who could afford the most bandwidth or storage space to who could create the most personalized UI

[13:17] finduseshare: next step is ubiquitous internet dialtone (tcp everywhere)
[13:17] jonathanhstrauss: exactly
[13:17] jonathanhstrauss: and device optimized experiences built on top of it
[13:17] finduseshare: ip6 is supposed to give us enough addresses so we can (if we want) assign unique IP addresses to every grain of sand on every beach
[13:17] finduseshare: i think i read that in wired
[13:17] jonathanhstrauss: and we will find a way in 10 years that even that won’t be enough
[13:18] finduseshare: because of historical
[13:18] finduseshare: need ip address for every state (new, used, trashed)
[13:18] jonathanhstrauss: yeah, time will become a dimension, like a Wiki
[13:19] jonathanhstrauss: awesome….
[13:19] finduseshare: once we’ve given an ip address for every object as it goes from new – used – trashed, we will have figured out how to travel through time
[13:19] finduseshare: you can ping your past
[13:19] finduseshare: ok, my mind just got blown
[13:19] jonathanhstrauss: lol!!!
[13:19] finduseshare: it’s friday
[13:20] jonathanhstrauss: alright, ive gotta get some food
[13:20] finduseshare: i need to ping saturday
[13:20] jonathanhstrauss: lol