So I’m off to a series of conferences this week and next which I hope to treat as my own version of think week to kick off my planning for things I want to tackle for 2007. I’ve had a year with Yahoo and a few months working with the team behind the Yahoo Publisher Network portal. Now it’s time to hold up my understanding of the business against the bright light of opportuntiy coming from the Web 2.0 movement and publisher marketplace at a series of shows over the next two weeks.

I was at Widgets Live today and Web 2.0 through the rest of the week. Next week I’m off to Las Vegas to get a feel for the search engine & contextual advertising marketplace at Webmaster World. The two weeks should serve as nice bookends for a holistic view of an online publisher’s needs.

I’ll post bits and pieces when I can get through on the wifi which is bound to be spotty. I tried to prepare by trying to figure out how to turn my Blackberry into a broadband modem but I am told that Cingular has blocked this feature in the Yahoo-issued handset that I have.