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  • Pay-per-Click Marketing comes to Television

    Tivo and Amazon have teamed up in a partnership that anyone following the two could have seen coming. It will soon be possible to click your Tivo remote and order items like the latest album from the musical guest on the David Letterman show. The concept of using your remote to purchase stuff you see […]

  • Tivo vs. Apple TV

    That was quick. I thought the distribution of home movies directly downloaded to Tivo would have been handled by the Amazon Unbox arrangement which I wrote about last week but I instead Tivo is promoting a service called One True Media. Here’s how it works. Upload your photos and short movies to the service that […]

  • Movies to your Tivo via Amazon Unbox

    Movies to your Tivo via Amazon Unbox

    I decided to give Amazon’s new Unbox service a whirl over the weekend (they are offering $15 in credit if you register your Tivo broadband service with Amazon by April 30th) and was very pleased with the experience. It took only a few minutes to link up my Tivo account and after that, any movie […]

  • If you have a small screen, you need to be able to point it anywhere

    Russell Beattie has his Tivo streaming to his cellphone and says, “who needs Location Free TV or a Slingbox if you have a TiVo sitting there already? And all those $5 a month video plans? Forget it. This is awesome stuff.” Mass media is being sliced into ever smaller chunks. First it was the 200+ […]

  • Tivo Sells Out?

    The LA Times reports that Tivo will now insert advertiser logos onto the screen when you fast forward through commercials. PVRBlog says: Now, I haven’t seen any actual demos of it in action, and this comment¬†from earlier today claims to be from a TiVo employee and says it’ll be¬†tasteful and unobtrusive, but I have a […]

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