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  • What’s Old is New

    When you’ve been around long enough, you start to see old ideas, re-invented. These guys have managed to crack the nut of how to monetize social media by charging $35 to print your twitter stream onto toilet paper which you can then use in the restroom. More details from Laughing Squid. Roll back seven years […]

  • Twitter for Small Business

    Twitter extended it’s partnership with American Express and building on the campaign to tap into support for local businesses with the rollout of Twitter Promoted Products. It’s a pay per-click model which can be limited by daily spend so there will be no surprises. The video is one of the nicest product videos I’ve seen. It’s […]

  • Jack Dorsey the Zen Master

    I had a great day yesterday at the GigaOM Roadmap conference. The agenda had a number of great speakers including Brian Cheskey of AirBnB and Tony Fadell of Nest, the red hot company that is re-defining what a thermostat should look like. The thesis the conference explored is one that Om Malik (now my boss) has […]

  • Peanutweeter

    From a site called @peanutweeter which combines tweets with stills from Peanuts, updating the 1950’s comic strip to a commentary of our time. “The site arose from the concept that the amusing and sometimes outrageous tweets out there would be even funnier or sometimes darker if they came from someone that everyone could identify with,” […]

  • Japan Shatters Tweets Per Second Record

    Japan Shatters Tweets Per Second Record

    I spent the year end holidays in Tokyo with family and friends. As with every visit I was blown away by the pace and energy of the city and came away re-charged with optimism. I am especially happy when I hear about new companies such as Twitter coming to Japan and finding a fit. Not […]

  • Social Discovery, Social Filtering, and other Web-Squared Shapes

    It’s hard to wrap up a major conference, especially when you didn’t attend, but viewing things from a distance sometimes helps because only the loudest messages make it all the way over. Before the conference even started, Fred Wilson threw out a one-liner that got people thinking. He called it the Golden Triangle. The three […]

  • Twitter Card

    I’m not so sure how the whole Facebook namespace landrush is going to work out for me (cheeky of them to have us all sit around camped out facebook.com on a Friday night!) but for now I’m going with this twitter card as a way to get my social media dialtone for now. To make […]

  • Traffic Sources and Attention

    There’s been good debate around how the source of traffic to sites is changing, shifting from the search engines to social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I confirmed that I too am seeing a greater percentage of traffic come in via links shared on social sites and shared a colleague’s theory about what this […]

  • Calacanis on Value of twitter

    Jason Calacanis expands upon his offer to pay twitter to get his Mahalo account onto twitter’s suggested user page. It’s the distribution channel and potential click-thru traffic he’s looking for, and click-thrus to his site equals registered users and a lifetime relationship with Mahalo that can be monetized over time. The top 20 slots on […]

  • Facebook, Twitter send more traffic than Google

    Facebook, Twitter send more traffic than Google

    Liz Gannes posted that Perez Hilton is now seeing more traffic coming in via Facebook than Google. My colleague Udo Szabo at Nokia HQ in Finland has a theory that I call the Unified Theory of Interweb Economics. The theory goes something like this: Advertising is a function of your traffic volume, the more traffic […]