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Grim Visualizations : Crime Mashups 2.0

We all remember the Chicago Crime Map which took Chicago police reports and overlayed it on top of Google Maps. For many, this was their first exposure into the world of mashups and to a large extent opened everyone’s eyes to the benefits of opening up your data. That was 2005. Now the UED crowd has taken a shot at the concept and are starting to publish their own versions:

Oakland Crimespotting by Stamen Design
LA Times Homicide Map

Zillow Heat Maps

I was just checking out Zillow’s new redesign and noticed something I hadn’t seen before. The Zillow Heat Map layer shows you relative price per square foot over a region. Check the box in the upper-right of the map view and zoon out to city level to see it in action.

Was that there before or is this new?

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I’ve seen better UI design


Toshiba is working on a new display technology that allows you to get a 360 degree view of what’s on your screen. The downside is you’ve got to strap on a 6 lbs. helmet that makes you look like a bobble-head Neil Armstrong. I think they should have kept this one under wraps before releasing press photos of their prototype. (link to Daily Mail story)


Multi-touch Interface shown off at eTech

Totally cool – they had Jeff Han showing off his touch screen interface. I got a pointer to this a couple of weeks ago and was blown away – someone at Yahoo called it “web 5.0”

Here’s a page with a video showing it in action – must be seen to be fully appreciated.

UPDATE: so many people have been hitting this entry that I thought it best to upload my own video clips taken from the eTech presentation.

  1. Playing with virtual lava
  2. Sorting photos
  3. Channel surfing
  4. Zooming in on San Diego