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  • Credit Rating System Baffles Japanese Influencer

    Kemio is a Japanese social media influencer trying to make his way in New York and is now in between apartments. The hilarity of this bit might be lost on you if you don’t understand Japanese but even if you don’t, you’ll get a sense of his breathless exasperation. The set up is that he […]

  • Ambient Antarctica

    I’m feeling a lot of emotions now. It’s a mix of things that contribute to a marking of time. Hearing the Derrick Chauvin verdict feels like the end of a chapter that started at the beginning of the pandemic (even though I know it’s only the beginning of another chapter). I also video-chatted with my […]

  • Jordan Peele warns of Fake News

    Don’t believe everything you see online. Good on Jordan Peele for making this PSA which uses some readily available software literally put words in Obama’s mouth. You can read more about it on Buzzfeed. We’re about to enter into an intense period of “he said/she said” with the Cohen trial and Comey’s book tour that […]

  • Stunning video shows off Turkey and its people

    This masterfully edited video splices together a journey across the Turkish landscape. With all that is going on in this region, it’s important to celebrate┬áthe joy and culture of this country too. Watchtower of Turkey from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo.

  • Walking Backwards

    Do you ever feel like you’re moving through a fog, going backwards? The clip from Tokyo Reverse is a highlight reel from a 9 hour video of someone who did just that, walk through the streets of Tokyo, in reverse. Ludovic Zuili, the man in the video, was filmed walking backwards and then the footage […]

  • Town & Country Time-Lapse

    Two stunning time lapse videos that are worth seeing. For full enjoyment, click and expand into full screen and turn up the volume. The first is by Simon Christen who has been following the San Francisco fog for years. Thank you Mie for forwarding on this link. I agree, it’s a beautiful city we live […]

  • Tilt Shift, Timelapse Cities

    I think I stumbled across a new genre. Shooting your city in time lapse and giving it the tilt shift treatment. San Francisco New York Tokyo Paris Does your city have a particularly nice timelapse, tilt shift video?

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