Kemio is a Japanese social media influencer trying to make his way in New York and is now in between apartments. The hilarity of this bit might be lost on you if you don’t understand Japanese but even if you don’t, you’ll get a sense of his breathless exasperation.

Sooo Confused

The set up is that he has 30 minutes to pack his things into boxes because he has a trip back to Japan and he doesn’t want prospective future tenants of his apartment to root through his things while he is away. The fact that landlords will let strangers tromp through your apartment while you’re still living there is bizarre to Japanese. Apartments are always shown empty and cleaned up.

At the 4:10 mark he starts talking about how something called a “credit history” is necessary to rent an apartment and that he has no credit history because he’s essentially been paying for everything with either cash or a debit card since he moved here. He then got a credit card just so he could build up his credit score but is sooo confused by all the rules and guidance on how to build up your score. You can’t spend up to your cap, but don’t spend too little, don’t pay off your entire bill each month, etc. Soooo confusing!

Kemio also gets into trouble because, as you can see, he’s quite anxious so he checks his credit score all the time to see if it’s going up but is surprised because, due to all his checking, the score actually goes down!

He then gets in further trouble because he starts looking at new apartments and puts in applications all over town because he’s running out of time to find a new place. This spray-and-pray application tactic backfires because it generates even more credit checks so his score goes down even more!

So here we are now – he’s packing his boxes and heading off on his trip from which he will return with no place to live. Mon dieu!

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