The week that was

The Stanford University mascot, The Tree, was suspended for the rest of the season for unfurling a “Stanford hates fun” banner at a recent football game halftime show.

In other Stanford news, a man was caught impersonating a Stanford student and living in a dorm basement for weeks.

Shanghai Disney went into lockdown when ten visitors tested positive for Covid. Due to China’s zero tolerance policy, everyone was required to stay inside the “Happiest Place on Earth” until they could provide three negative tests. Luckily, all the rides remain open.

Rolex announced a new watch made out of titanium that is rated to 11,000 meters (36,090 feet).

U.S. officials say that the KC-135’s aircrew did not mean to fly in a pattern that resembled the male anatomy in the skies off the coast near a Russian base in Syria. 🙄






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