Joy's on the loose, Alexa's premium fart collection, and Bono says he's sorry.

A giant rubber duck, with the words “Greater Joy” printed on its breast, broke free from its moorings in high winds and escaped down the river in Maine. “We actually went out and grabbed it with the boat, but the lines all broke on it,” the harbor official said. “It was just way too windy. We couldn’t pull it back in.”

Maserati launched a collaboration with Mattel’s Barbie to offer their new 500 horsepower Grecale SUV in Barbie’s trademark iridescent hot pink.

Just a few years ago the cruise ship industry was on its last legs, overcoming their reputation as floating petri dishes for Covid. Now they are back, bigger than ever. Royal Caribbean announced a new ship, the biggest of them all. The 20-deck, 1,198 feet long behemoth, the Icon of the Seas, will carry more than 10,000 souls, featuring seven pools, six water slides, rock climbing wall, ice skating rink, FlowRider surf simulator, miniature golf course and, a bar that serves “mommy and me” matching mocktails.

Amazon’s Alexa not only knows how to fart, she has a deep library of fart noises that can be delivered on demand and (she’s a businesswoman after all) will offer to sell you a Extreme Fart Extension pack which kids are buying without their parent’s knowledge.

Adidas cut ties with Kanye West following antisemitic statements that have also gotten him bounced from Instagram and Twitter. After being escorted unceremoniously out of Jewish-owned Skechers HQ, it was reported that Ye is no longer a billionaire. It’s not clear if he still going ahead with plans announced last week to buy the right-wing social network Parler.

Bono is on tour to promote his memoirs but the headline is that he’s very sorry for putting the “Songs of Innocence” album on everyone’s iPhone back in 2014.

A museum in Germany discovered that the Mondrian painting they’ve had for on display for the past 40 years has been hanging upside down.