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  • Sony Reader shown at CES

    Gizmodo has coverage of a new reader from Sony based on technology licensed from eInk Corporation based up in Boston. Sony had launched an earlier version of this product, the Libre, in the Japanese market but it apparently never took off because of it’s restrictive DRM technology. Since I have to drive to work I’m […]

  • Wi- Fi enabled LCD Picture Frame

    I’ve always been a big fan of ambient displays of information as a non-intrusive way of keeping up with the river of information that flows through our lives. Screensavers and scrolling images are one method which shows promise and in our new broadband, always-on world. PointCast was popular because people liked the concept but it […]

  • The Sounds of the Ocean

    We’re eating breakfast and getting in the mood for the seashore. It helps to listen to the Monterey Bay Aquarium webcam with the sound turned on. If you plug it into your stereo and turn it up loud, you can hear the harbor seals.

  • Vertigo on the flatscreen

    We all got a kick out of Google’s satellite view and enjoyed zooming around with Google Earth. This week Microsoft launches their local.live.com service with it’s cool Bird’s Eye views of landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge. But if you really want to knock your socks off, you have got to try Big Eye in […]

  • The $100 laptop

    The MIT Media Lab has released photos of its $100 laptop designed for children in developing nations. It features a handcrank for back up power in rural areas, wireless access via a peer-to-peer mesh technology, and (much to the disappointment of Appple & Microsoft) runs Linux. From the FAQs: Why do children in developing nations […]

  • Mike Torres and his gadgets

    While some of us talk about the upcoming convergence of television, PCs, and mobile, Mike Torres (Lead Program Manager for MSN Spaces) is living it. Right on Mike for blazing the trail!

  • GPS Moblogging, another first

    Two years ago, my sister was moblogging with full GPS support (click Location Info) in Japan on Tokyo Tidbits. Now, a full two years later, her boyfriend has cobbled together several services and a bluetooth-enabled GPS device which talks to her Nokia 7610 phone to do the same thing. Ah progress.

  • Department of Defense can’t keep secrets

    The Pentagon recently posted a heavily censored document concerning the accidental shooting of Italian intelligence agent, Nicola Calipari, on their website but forgot that blocked out text in digital format isn’t really blocked out. You can find links to the source materials at Memory Hole but the real news is that the Department of Defense […]

  • GPS Photoblog

    So totally cool. My sister has hooked up a GPS unit to her cell phone and is moblogging with coordinates. She did this before, back in 2003, but that was in Japan, high-tech gadget heaven.

  • Microsoft AntiSpyware

    James LaLonde, who used left Microsoft to work for Network Associates as the head of their operations in Asia, used to joke that his business was safe so long as Redmond stayed out of the anti-virus business. With all the  hubaloo over securtiy and spam, Microsoft announced plans to address it in the recent Windows […]