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  • Blades of Glory Japan Style – A Robot that Skates!

    Fresh out of the labs in Osaka, a robot that can skate! Check out the Akazawa Plen website gallery page for videos of Desktop Hobby Robot Plen on a skateboard as well. Bluetooth-enabled and on sale now for $2,400. Thanks to AI & Robotics blog for the pointer.

  • reinvigorate.net – shiny new stats app reborn

    I’m a bit of a stats nerd so I was quite pleased to see that a longtime favorite hosted stats package came back to life after going dark over a year ago. Reinvigorate.net has been reborn from the ashes and is now hosted by the fine folks over at mediatemple which should be able to […]

  • Sure the iPhone looked cool but at least you could touch this interface

    We all gawked at the hermetically sealed display of the iPhone at the recent MacWorld show but the Smart Board was one of the cooler things I saw. Basically it was like a huge touchscreen display that your could write on with digital ink. I’ve seen these used on CNN and ESPN but this was […]

  • Is your website tasty?

    The Yahoo Publisher Network blog has an excellent graphic which describes how a crawler might look at a webpage if it was a voracious carnivore. This is Part II of a series that my colleagues Cody and Amit are doing on optimizing your site for advertising.

  • A Lazy Man’s Hack

    Back in September I wrote about a quick and dirty hack which showed how you could use a service called favoritethingz.com to build a badge which would show a visual representation of your blogroll. I never got around to finishing up the rest of the story. Basically, the 20-minute hack post made the front page […]

  • Polaroid-o-nizer – creating an online version of a classic offline medium

    All sorts of fun this week with image manipulation. The Image-Rich Blogroll got a fair bit of play but there was some grumbling on that it was too manual. Yes, it would be good to automate this stuff I dream up – that’s a project for a rainy day. Next on the agenda of cool […]

  • Map Directions on your iPod

    iPod Directions is a cool little app that takes your Yahoo Maps (remember, we support multipoint and right-click location) driving directions and puts them in your video or nano iPod. Note: I haven’t been able to get this to work with the Yahoo Maps Beta (I contacted the company several days ago but never heard […]

  • VGA on a Cellphone

    Following on my previous post on Tivo on the cellphone, if you’re going to do it, you’ll want one of these phones. True VGA on a phone has four times the resolution of the best screens out there as well as some other goodies: It offers a range of advanced features such as a 3.2 […]

  • Create your first head with GenHead

    Check out this tutorial on how to create a 3D head from two 2D photos. I never knew playing God was so easy. The company, Genemation, is also working on a new version of their GenCrowd software to generate, “thousands of synthetic copyright free photo-realistic heads by age, gender and ethnicity.” Something to do on […]

  • Long Live the Aibo!

    We are sad to hear news that Sony, in a cost-cutting measure, is shuttering the robotics division famous for the production of the Aibo robotic dog. They were a little pricey at $2,000 a pop but they were really sophisticated and quite ahead of their time. Sony provided a SDK which could be used to […]