I’m a bit of a stats nerd so I was quite pleased to see that a longtime favorite hosted stats package came back to life after going dark over a year ago. Reinvigorate.net has been reborn from the ashes and is now hosted by the fine folks over at mediatemple which should be able to handle any traffic people throw at it.

One of the unique aspects of the early version of reinvigorate that I’m happy to see is still part of the service is the tracking of visitors in real-time.


Click on the image above for a larger view. You can see that reinvigorate has two large boxes that keep track of Active Visitors & Active Pages. There’s also a clean and simple dashboard telling you how many users you’ve had so far today (you can set your site’s timezone in the preferences), the average number of pages viewed on your site as well as information about referrals. I like this approach because it’s very easy to take in the health of your readership at a glance.


(Each of the thumbnails above can be clicked on for a larger image)

On the left screen where you can view details about currently active sessions. You can see the pages viewed, navigation path, and the time spent on each page.

The center screen shows a nifty time zone view of your readers spread out over a world map which updates as the day progresses.

The right hand screen shows the most popular pages over time. The time period of this ranking depends upon the activity on your site. If you have a very active site, the log file can only hold and rank over a short period. If traffic is light, the vice versa is the case.

I’m not including a whole lot more that the service offers. There are all sorts of technical analysis trendlines that can be added to the historical graphing of visitors and pageviews over time (ie. polynomial and parabolic trendlines, candlestick charts). Time period slices include hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly.

All in all a great effort. I encourage anyone interested in site stats to sign up for the beta and check it out. Everything’s free for now but Sean of reinvigorate.net says that in the future he plans to add much more sophisticated analytical tools and larger log files for a small fee.

UPDATE : There’s a video on YouTube that shows off all the features and UI in great detail.