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  • On the Cusp

    On the Cusp

    One silver lining in getting laid off is that you have time to meet people and learn about things that you may have not had the time or attention to pick up on while in the trenches of a full time job. During the first week of my new no-fixed-schedule life I learned about: A […]

  • Oblong and the g-speak UI

    Remember the computer UI in Minority Report? Yeah, they can do that now.

  • Cloud Computing through the Ages

    The Network is the Computer – Sun Microsystems – 1990s Nothing but Web – Google – 2011 Two perspectives on an old idea, twenty years apart. For a humorous perspective on Silicon Valley spin, check out Larry Ellison’s schtick at the Churchill Club, “The Cloud is Water Vapor.”

  • Three Days of Terror at Pinboard

    Pinboard has a three-day trial period, and I was now having nightmare visions of spending the next ten days sitting in front of the abysmally slow PayPal site, clicking the ‘refund’ button and sniffling into a hankie. – Anatomy of a Crushing In the middle of the great del.icio.us exodus of 2010, the small bookmarking […]

  • Leapfrog making a toy Blackberry

    I am not sure what to make of this. I’m all for making toys realistic and all but working at Nokia, we’re all about trying to make mobile mobile devices more playful and fun. So it’s weird to see a Leapfrog making a toy phone more, um, business-like.

  • 5 Uses for Low Cost GPS Tracking

    With low cost GPS tracking devices, it is now make it economically feasible to electronically “tag” people and things that you love. A couple of examples: Lobster Pots Celebrities such as Simon Cowell The baby Jesus statue in the nativity Your pet dog Lingerie??? But no one has come up with the most obvious application […]

  • Realtime Map Tracking

    Maybe it’s the air traffic controller in me but there’s something oddly compelling about watching little dots move across the screen when you know they represent objects in the physical world. TechCrunch posts about Bill from BitGravity is streaming his driving trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles over a live video stream showing the […]

  • For the Prankster’s Toolkit

    How would you like to edit any web page as if it were a wiki? Here’s a little Javascript trick that has helped me mock up prototypes as well as spice up the odd presentation with improbable news headlines for dramatic effect. Copy and paste the following line into the address bar of your browser, […]

  • Robots!

    At the Robogames in San Francisco I got to see Zou Ren Tii’s Body Double robot. Can you tell which one is the robot? More photos from the day here.

  • Microsoft Surface, Minority Report realized

    I saw and blogged about an early prototype of this device back when I saw it demoed at eTech last year. It blew people away back then and is even more impressive today. The video below shows some new enhancements such as the ability to drag photos from a digital camera to the table for […]

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