Oblong and the g-speak UI

Remember the computer UI in Minority Report? Yeah, they can do that now.

Three Days of Terror at Pinboard

Pinboard has a three-day trial period, and I was now having nightmare visions of spending the next ten days sitting in front of the abysmally slow PayPal site, clicking the ‘refund’ button and sniffling into a hankie.

Anatomy of a Crushing

In the middle of the great del.icio.us exodus of 2010, the small bookmarking site Pinboard faced a crushing influx of new users. Co-founder Maciej Ceglowski writes in detail about how he and Peter Gadjokov kept the site running and lessons learned along the way.

"Senior Vice President for Bad Decisions at Yahoo had decided to give us a little help."

Yes. I’m a pinboarder too.

5 Uses for Low Cost GPS Tracking

With low cost GPS tracking devices, it is now make it economically feasible to electronically “tag” people and things that you love. A couple of examples:

  1. Lobster Pots
  2. Celebrities such as Simon Cowell
  3. The baby Jesus statue in the nativity
  4. Your pet dog
  5. Lingerie???

But no one has come up with the most obvious application suggested to me by Yahoo Researcher Marc Davis. It’s got to be out there. Has anyone added the ability to turn on your phone’s GPS from a desktop browser so you can find your phone when you’ve lost it?

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Realtime Map Tracking

Maybe it’s the air traffic controller in me but there’s something oddly compelling about watching little dots move across the screen when you know they represent objects in the physical world.

TechCrunch posts about Bill from BitGravity is streaming his driving trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles over a live video stream showing the traffic out his front dashboard and a Google Maps tile showing his position as he drives down Interstate 5. He’s just south of Tracy as I write this so tune in now if you want to see it live.

BitGravity SF to LA

And tomorrow morning, before I head over to pick up my wife and kids as they return from Japan, I will fire up Google Earth and use Aeroseek to follow Northwest Flight 28 as it soars over the Pacific and make sure they’re coming in on time.

Northwest Flight 28

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For the Prankster’s Toolkit


How would you like to edit any web page as if it were a wiki?

Here’s a little Javascript trick that has helped me mock up prototypes as well as spice up the odd presentation with improbable news headlines for dramatic effect.

Copy and paste the following line into the address bar of your browser,

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

hit <enter> and edit away. Yet another reason not to believe everything you read online.

<thanks to Lady Banana for the tip>

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Microsoft Surface, Minority Report realized

I saw and blogged about an early prototype of this device back when I saw it demoed at eTech last year. It blew people away back then and is even more impressive today. The video below shows some new enhancements such as the ability to drag photos from a digital camera to the table for preview and then again to your Windows Mobile device.

Combine this UI with Sony’s recently announced flexible OLED displays and one can only imagine the possibilities – a multi-touch jacket which animates itself based on RFID and Bluetooth signals around it, call it a high tech chameleon.

Very, very cool.

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