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  • Bathed in WiFi

    Via Todd Sampson’s Delicious stream comes Walt Mossberg’s review of the Autonet WiFi router which lets you get an internet connection via it’s domestic US EV-DO cell network and bath your car and everyone within 100 feet of your car in up to 800k download speeds. Hmm, what could you do with a mobile fast […]

  • Belkin Wi-Fi Phone

    Belkin has announced a wi-fi phone for Skype. No need to attach anything to your computer, this device will talk directly to a broadband wi-fi connection, any connection. Skype software comes pre-loaded. Now you can make calls from a handset from any open hotspot. If you already have a Skype account, it’ll pull in your […]

  • Wifi Spray

    Now I know what I need to do to get that Cisco card of mine to talk to my Linksys – WiFi Speed Spray is “guaranteed to enhance the tranfer of computer data through the air.”