Via Todd Sampson’s Delicious stream comes Walt Mossberg’s review of the Autonet WiFi router which lets you get an internet connection via it’s domestic US EV-DO cell network and bath your car and everyone within 100 feet of your car in up to 800k download speeds.

Hmm, what could you do with a mobile fast internet connection – the mind wanders.

Wire up the steering wheel to servo motors and crowdsource your cross-country drive?

A traveling campervan packed with a bunch of laptops that you hand out to bored people looking for something to do while waiting at the doctor’s office and have them complete tasks on your Amazon Mechanical Turk account. Make it a game and give out prizes to the best worker.

Park your car outside major media events, rent out a bunch of Eye-fi enabled cameras and earn top dollar from major networks for your real-time coverage from your army of amateur photographers.

Any other good ideas?