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  • Citizen WTF?

    Citizen WTF?

    The Citizen app is available in NYC and the SF Bay Area. The app is designed to alert you when crime happens nearby with location-based push notifications. But, because the platform is crowdsourced, it exposes all the idiosyncratic definitions of “crime” that you would expect from its voyeuristic users. Here are some of my favorites. […]

  • LinkedIn Mobile Splash Page

    Every time I start the LinkedIn mobile app, I always wondered about the city street featured on the splash page. I took a screenshot of it and tried Google Image search to look for something familiar. No avail. Leave it to a Finnish developer friend to fire back a hit to my crowdsourced query. Mystery […]

  • First Crowd-Sourced Car Company

    First Crowd-Sourced Car Company

    I just listened to a TWiST interview with John “Jay” Rogers, President and CEO of Local Motors, a Southern California company that has set up a platform for a vibrant community of car enthusiasts to share and vote on each other’s car designs. There first car, the Rally Fighter, is coming off the line and […]

  • Business Idea – Parking Space Net

    I’m in Finland this week visiting Nokia, my new employer. The Finns use SMS for everything including late-night spot loans. Last night at dinner, one of my colleagues texted a taxi service and within two minutes he got a call from a cab that was waiting outside the door. He just texted his address to […]

  • Bathed in WiFi

    Via Todd Sampson’s Delicious stream comes Walt Mossberg’s review of the Autonet WiFi router which lets you get an internet connection via it’s domestic US EV-DO cell network and bath your car and everyone within 100 feet of your car in up to 800k download speeds. Hmm, what could you do with a mobile fast […]

  • Taking your finger off the button

    Shares of United Airlines dropped 75% yesterday because of a poorly designed template. The Google News blog has all the gory details including screenshots of the Florida Sun-Sentinal site which included links to a old story, UAL files for Bankrupcy, in its automated “Most Viewed” sidebar widget. The Google News robot crawled that link and […]

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