LinkedIn Mobile Splash Page

Every time I start the LinkedIn mobile app, I always wondered about the city street featured on the splash page. I took a screenshot of it and tried Google Image search to look for something familiar. No avail.

Leave it to a Finnish developer friend to fire back a hit to my crowdsourced query. Mystery solved! Thanks Jyrki!

LinkedIn mobile splash page

LinkedIn iPhone app splash page and Google Street View.

LinkedIn Android App

LinkedIn Android App marketing creative





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  1. Phelan Riessen © Avatar
    Phelan Riessen ©

    Thanks for solving this. It was bugging me too. I’m in San Diego and that definitely isn’t the same building we have here.

  2. Martin Avatar

    Finding the location where the picture was taken was easy. Finding out who the woman in the picture is, is the real challenge!

    1. Kelly Avatar

      I am the woman. Can anyone please help find out how this image was obtained? By who?

      1. Ian Kennedy Avatar

        Very cool Kelly. Anyone reading this post from LinkedIn know?

      2. Sean at LinkedIn Avatar

        Hi Kelly, I work for LinkedIn and I’m happy to try and source the photo for you. Please send a message to our help center and reply here with the ticket reference # so I can continue this conversation with you.


        1. Sean at LinkedIn Avatar

          Ooops, forgot the link to the support page. Here:

  3. Who is the woman on the LinkedIn homepage photo? Avatar

    She was an innocent passerby in the photo. The photo was taken in Los Angeles. The Spreckels Building in 7th & Hill St. It is part of a lager picture with passers by.

  4. Andrew Avatar

    I was curious about this too and followed a similar process to Jryki. This post actually shows up in Google search results now.

    I used Jyrki’s coordinates and couldn’t find the same view on Google street view.

    To emulate the Linkedin photo I had to go to S Broadway and 7th, and look northwest.

    Then I was curious when it was taken, and you can actually use historical street view images to get an idea.

    – In June 2008 SV, the early bird special listed in the yellow banner on the right side of the image was only $6 (in the Linkedin photo it is $8)
    – In Feb 2009 SV, the early bird special is now at $8, but there is a small white placard missing from the post holding the “Broadway” street sign, just below and to the left of the early bird banner.
    – In May 2011 SV, the little white placard finally appears (which says “EZAT DELIJANI SQUARE”)
    – By Feb 2014, the jewelry and collateral loans business on the left side of the image is gone.

    So, if I have this right, the image was taken some time between Feb 2009 and and Feb 2014. I’m sure this could be narrowed down further based on car models, etc. but I’m afraid my time for wasting has come to an end!

    1. Ian Kennedy Avatar

      Awesome. I hadn’t though about historical street view and how the scene changed over time. Thanks for the notes. I noticed with the most recent update of the iOS app for LinkedIn this image is no longer there. Is the image still used elsewhere?

      1. Andrew Avatar

        Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who thought that was interesting!
        I’m seeing the image on desktop when asked to sign in again after a period of inactivity.

      2. Arian Ward Avatar

        Ian – I still get a slightly different version of this photo as my log-in page through my desktop and laptop PC’s.
        Kelly – I’m sorry to tell you that your nice legs get cropped off in the PC log-in page version of the photo. 🙂

    2. Arian Ward Avatar

      Andrew – Thanks for the tip about using Street View. I hadn’t realized that there was an historical option for it.

  5. newVibe | Een nieuw splashscreen voor LinkedIn Avatar

    […] met DIAMONDS erop. (dat is niet de enige ben die nieuwsgierig was naar de locatie van deze foto, blijkt uit dit artikel) Maar wat heeft deze foto te maken met de core-business, brand-values ed van LinkedIn? Elke keer […]

  6. Arian Ward Avatar

    A bit more info about the location of the LinkedIn splash page – 7th & Hill in LA. This is the heart of the LA Jewelry District, known for discount diamonds & other gemstones, gold, silver, diamond jewelry and other fine jewelry. The majority of the jewelers here are Armenian – I’m not sure why.

    I became very familiar with this area when I lived in LA. I had an engagement ring and both wedding rings custom-made in a building a few steps from this corner. Poor investment though – the rings only got a couple years of use before being permanently stored as gladly forgotten mementos LOL

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