Today was Tyler’s first day as a member of the Alameda Soccer Club. I have to say that they take things a bit more seriously here. It certainly isn’t Pee Wee soccer where the kids basically all run around chasing a ball or picking dandelions when they get bored. The uniforms are the first indication but there’s also a full set of rules and a very enthusiastic group of parents as I found out when I volunteered to play referee for the one of the games. In the photo Tyler’s in a drill but during the 10 minute games (they played two) he did quite well and the team got the hang of working the ball down the field and basic concept of zone defense.

UPDATE – a summary email just arrived from the coach.

We’ve completed our first game. It was definitely a little chaotic out there. As the season progresses, it will hopefully become a little more organized. Each week I’ll try to introduce a new skill. For this week, I will be focus on dribbling the ball. In addition, emphasize which goal our team is trying to kick the ball in.

Subject of the note was “Stinging Wasps” which reminded me of the vote on the team name at the end of practice. We narrowly missed being called the the “Singing Bears”