Month: October 2004

  • Show me the money

    We just got our absentee ballots from New Jersey today. We didn’t think we really should register to vote as we didn’t have a fixed address yet and now I hear that the race is going to be real close in NJ so I’m more than happy to throw my vote down where it might […]

  • Boxes and Bubble Wrap

    It’s been a whirlwind few days with the movers, unpacking, transferring license plates to California, getting a CA driver’s license, switching Tyler over to the local school, hooking up cable & internet, and meeting the new neighbors in between. We’re still digging ourselves out from boxes and bubble wrap so I haven’t had a chance […]

  • Sad is a rainbow

    Sad is a rainbow

    We traded in Flash our 4-year old Honda Odyssey, for a new Mazda MPV which is smaller and easier to drive around and park in our new, more urban neighborhood. Tyler was heartbroken to say goodbye to the Honda which has been our faithful chariot on drives from NJ to Tennessee, Boston and back. It […]

  • State of the blogosphere: Big Media vs. Blogs

    I would be remiss if I did not mention that David Sifry recently published an analysis of the influence of blogs versus the big media sites. Influence on the online world is measured by the number of inbound links which is a core strength of Technorati. Not only is it interesting that 6 of the […]

  • WinFS as a GUI to Search

    Microsoft blogger Dare Obasanjo digs at Google’s Desktop Search and points to data visualization as the key to the success of Microsoft’s delayed WinFS. While Google and other “command line” search tools are useful for finding that one file that lays somewhere on the internet or on your hard drive, there is clearly a need […]

  • Craigslist vs. Newspaper Classifieds

    More clouds on the horizon for papers that don’t change their ways. Steve Outing writes in Editor & Publisher that the traditional newspaper classified is under attack with free, online alternatives such as Craigslist (which I’m using extensively as I settle into my new home in the Bay Area) and eBay. Of course, the merchandise/other […]

  • Shopping Cart Lady

    One thing about moving from a small, rural town to a semi-urban community is that you run across those with other lifestyles more often. Today Izumi was at the shopping center with Tyler and there was a homeless women shuffling by with all her belongings in a shopping cart. Tyler, not being shy, kindly informed […]

  • Using Web 2.0 for an instant storefront

    Richard Soderberg writes on a quick and easy way to tie together a number of web services to build an e-commerce site. Using Blogger, get a blog (and configure it to use your FTP server, if so desired). Using Picasa, create a new Hello account and configure it for the blog. Using PayPal, get a […]

  • Somtimes a bumpersticker is better than a blog

    Chris Shipley writes on her experience trying to use blogs to move opinions and gain awareness on a local political issue. Conclusion? For local politics, the old methods do work better, for now. And in the last week, my No On Q blog has had 178 hits, six comments, zero trackbacks. In that same time, […]

  • Paperwork

    We signed our loan papers for the new house today. The stack of forms we needed to sign was at least and inch thick! All sorts of forms including one we had to sign that was proof that our signature was our signature. (Lack of a signature means. . . I guess. . . it’s […]