As I was listening to the radio the other day and the Talking Head’s song Once in a Lifetime came on and the phrase “same as it ever was” hit me as highly relevant. Part of being middle-aged (I’m now 38) is that things take on a vague familiarity. We moved back to San Francisco and the places I visit are at once new and at the same time recognizable from when I lived here before. I look at life through the eyes of my children and I see the things that they see, I feel their joy (and frustrations). I can imagine what my parents felt when they were raising a family and trying to pass on wisdom to their children.

I begin to appreciate the rhythm and circle of life. Same – as – it- ever – was. Indeed.

I registered the domain so you can also reach clankennedy via everwas.com which is easier to remember and gives a little context to my running narrative here; one more person’s commentary on the at once mundane but beautiful cycle of life.






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  1. Calvin Moore Avatar
    Calvin Moore

    Talking Heads, they have so much good emotional songs. Once in a Lifetime one of the heaviest and best tunes http://lyricsmusic.name/talking-heads-lyrics/once-in-a-lifetime/once-in-a-lifetime.html

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