dsc02469.jpgWe had a gaggle of folks over for dinner on the weekend. Dav rolled up on his motorbike, fresh from a local Santarchy gathering in his St. Nick suit, and was joined by Mie. Here they are, pictured in t-shirts the kids made for them for Christmas. We also had over a bunch of old friends from our past that we knew from Japan or Guam and they joined us with some new friends that we’ve made here in Alameda.

Izumi cooked up a ton of food and we all gathered around to celebrate the kick off of the holidays. We all got so wrapped up in things that we missed the concert that was being held on our street. You know it’s a good party when the music gets drowned out by the conversation!

dsc02475.jpgDoug’s been making progress on getting friendly with Julia and, as you can see in the photo, she’s warmed up to him quite a bit as the Yarringtons become more of a regular visitor.

The kids had a great time – I remember the excitement of having guests when I was little – getting to stay up late, all the attention – I think we finally go them off to bed around 11pm.

Thank you all who made it! I hope that we can make this an annual event.