OhmyNews interviews Dan Gillmor

OhmyNews, one of the very first citizen journalist sites, interviews Dan Gillmor on his thinking behind why he’s leaving the San Jose Mercury News to start his own venture. In response to how he feels about the decision:

I’m both excited and terrified (laughter) and a little bit sad, because I’m leaving a wonderful, wonderful job, working with terrific people whom I trust and admire and respect.

And I’m stepping out of a business that I love. I love newspapers. But I hope that whatever we do is something that at some level newspapers can use, once newspapers decide to take the step that I think is necessary — which is to be part of this new world.

I’m hoping we will have created something that they can say "Well, we can do stuff like that too." That’s my goal, to do something that is useful not just for old media but for all of us.






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