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  • New York Media Obsession

    New York Media Obsession

    I’m looking forward to when we can spend more time talking about challenges in front of us than crime and corruption from the past..

  • Succession Riffs on Media

    Succession Riffs on Media

    Cringy dialog around media from HBO’s Succession

  • Casey Neistat – Disrupter of Broadcast News?

    Two of the three commercials run by Samsung during this year’s Academy Awards were basically showing us why their phones will not explode, the final spot of the evening featured mega-YouTube star Casey Neistat and dared anyone with imagination to become the next star. It’s an inspirational advertisement that only peripherally features Samsung but is…

  • Charting the Digital Revolution

    Charting the Digital Revolution

    The New York Times data blog, The Upshot has a data-dump piece illustrating the impact of the recession on various sectors of the economy. You can see the full hairball image at the top of the post but what I’ve highlighted is how the digital transformation of publishing has impacted the media business. Up top you…

  • Advertising, paywall or a bit of both?

    Advertising, paywall or a bit of both?

    GigaOM posted the audio to a fascinating session at last month’s paidContent Live conference. In it, there’s a great insight/throw down by Bob Bowman, CEO of MLB, Advanced Media. Right around the 15-minute mark Bob calls those that read metered sites such as nytimes.com without subscribing, rooting around their 25 articles/month limit are, “professional freeloaders” of…

  • Serendipity in the Strangest of Places

    Serendipity in the Strangest of Places

    It’s gone now but someone that I follow on twitter pointed out that it’s been six years since Adrian Holovaty posted, A fundamental way newspaper sites need to change In this post, Holovaty, the man behind the micro-news site everyblock.com, and, as far as I’m concerned, the original data-journalist, speaks to the new landscape in which newspapers sit…

  • MyBlogLog → OneTrueFan

    MyBlogLog → OneTrueFan

    Remember those subscriber cards you found tucked into magazines that asked questions about your income, education, sports you liked, where you traveled or what newspapers you read? The editors and advertisers of that magazine were trying to find out more about their readers. Except for the folks that took the time to write in, an…

  • View Source Parody

    A derivative work surfaced the other day, helpfully linking itself to it’s source material. Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says Bin Laden is Dead, Obama Says This is Mad Magazine territory.

  • NY Times – Project Cascade

    NY Times – Project Cascade

    The New York Times R & D group (nytlabs) has a sexy demo video up on their site showing off a new tool they are using to visualize how their content is amplifed and shared via the Social Web. In their words: This first-of-its-kind tool links browsing behavior on a site to sharing activity to construct…