Cold Snap – News at 10!

Izumi and I had a laugh at the news this evening.  They top story was the cold weather we’ve been having with the mercury dropping (egads!) to the 40’s. The newscast went on for the next 10 minutes talking to people that were complaining or wondering how to keep warm. Throw on a sweater! Wear a hat!

People would freak if they ever had to scrape frost of their windsheild in the morning or, god forbid, it snowed!






3 responses to “Cold Snap – News at 10!”

  1. Rubber-Sol Avatar

    I live in SoCal, and we’ve been having similar “news flashes” in regards to the weather. While I find it cold (I’m a wuss when it come to being cold!), I still laugh b/c I know how ridiculous this all is! I’m sure the cold climate folk are chuckling at us!

  2. Chris Willimer Avatar
    Chris Willimer

    Hey Ian. Remember me ?

    I remember, in a previous life, a trip to New Orleans, the local TV stations were showing frost warnings during the Saints game, and one excited shop owner describing how he had never seen frost, and was going to put a saucer of water on his porch overnight to watch it freeze !

  3. Sim Avatar

    People here in Houston have been freaking out ’cause it dropped to 45 during the night, with a daytime high of 63. They’re acting like the next ice age is coming. Seriously makes me want to hurt them.

    I’m a New Yorker and this is nothing! On the contrary, we used to call this Spring weather in NYC. :o)

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