Andy Lark

Ok. Last post about the NewComm conference. Andy Lark, formally a VP of Marketing at Sun, is now out on his own as a speaker, evangelist, and consultant for firms that are looking for someone to help them with their blogging strategy.

Shameless plug: Andy is on TypePad on an account that he started while still at Sun. Sun has their own blogging infrastructure so when chided by Sun execs for not having his blog running on a Sun product, he shot back that what he wrote on his blog was his and he wanted to have the right to take the content (and more importantly, the domain, links, and comments) with him when if he ever left Sun.

Andy gave an inspirational talk about the benefits of blogging for corporations, particularly those in charge of interpreting the corporate voice for the public (that would be Public Relations). The best summary of his talk that I could find (I’m sure there will be more in the coming days) was by Jeremy Wright.

UPDATE: You can download a copy of his 82-slide presentation here.






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