Krap Dance


I consider myself pretty culturally sensitive but this one’s too good to pass up. At a local Cambodian restaurant which we frequent I spotted this poster up on the wall. This is absolutely no comment on the quality of their food nor what it may do to you as you digest it but one has to wonder the reaction of English-speaking tourists in Cambodia when asked if they want to view the “Krap Dance”





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  1. Dav Avatar

    In Cambodia’s neighbor, Thailand, there is a word added to the end of most all sentences as a politener. Kind of like O- in japanese I guess. For men it is ‘krap’, for women it is ‘ka’.

  2. Aron Avatar

    Hi Ian,

    Kind of reminds me of going shopping in IKEA.

    Lots of great things to buy, all have Swedish names which to the untrained can look & sound interesting.

    I just think of it as a fun exercise to buy things whose product label is written in a foreign language that one can’t read or decypher and enjoy what you get.


  3. Speck Avatar

    Haha this is at phnom phen…love that place

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