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  • $54 Million lawsuit over lost pants

    For crying out loud – this is what’s wrong with the US legal system. A former judge is suing for a pair of pants lost by his dry cleaner, not really about the pants but more their promise of guaranteed satisfaction. This is not a case about a pair of suit pants,” Roy Pearson argued […]

  • Ottoman Empire and California State Taxes

    The screenshot above is taken from my 2007 version of Quicken Turbo Tax. What does the Ottoman Empire have to do with California state taxes and Michael Jackson’s lawyer, Mark Geragos? Read on.

  • Aliens Among Us

    Tyler & I riffed on a cool plot line for a movie. Aliens, who have come to appreciate our candy, particularly Laffy Taffy (a name which cracks up Tyler every time), have figured out a way to stock up on their supply without freaking us all out. Every Halloween, they come visit and make the […]

  • Creepy Animation

    Update: the movie’s been taken down 🙁 Not something you want to see late at night, by yourself, in a dark & empty house. Click on the glowing items to see what happens, this is so totally creepy.

  • Krap Dance

    I consider myself pretty culturally sensitive but this one’s too good to pass up. At a local Cambodian restaurant which we frequent I spotted this poster up on the wall. This is absolutely no comment on the quality of their food nor what it may do to you as you digest it but one has […]

  • Speed Lumps

    I’ve heard of Speed Bumps and Speed Humps but here in Alameda we have Speed Lumps. What exactly is the difference and imagine the bewilderment to the road construction crew when they go into the back of their truck to pick up the the appropriate sign, “I don’t know Larry, they kind of look like […]

  • Credit History

    So I’m almost done updating my addresses on all the various magazines, credit cards, frequent flier accounts, and other sundry organizations that like to mail me things from time to time.  Today I called Citibank and in the process of updating my address am given the gentle pitch to take advantage of their service which […]

  • Wifi Spray

    Now I know what I need to do to get that Cisco card of mine to talk to my Linksys – WiFi Speed Spray is “guaranteed to enhance the tranfer of computer data through the air.”

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