Aliens Among Us

Tyler & I riffed on a cool plot line for a movie.

678715072_l.jpgAliens, who have come to appreciate our candy, particularly Laffy Taffy (a name which cracks up Tyler every time), have figured out a way to stock up on their supply without freaking us all out. Every Halloween, they come visit and make the rounds of various neighborhood and use the special code phrase, “Trick or Treat” and get thrown an assortment of goodies. Because it’s Halloween, they never have to cloak themselves or sulk about and if they ever get asked about they even get complimented for their “costumes.”

OK, it sounded better when we talked about it. Let us work on it more.





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  1. mie Avatar

    Hey, Dav has been wanting to make short movies…but we don’t have any stories yet. Maybe this could be his debut work! I’ll be an extra alien 🙂

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