Smart Mobs

One of the nice things about going on vacation is that you get to catch up on all that reading that you want to do. One of the books I read was Howard Rheingold’s Smart Mobs which has given me a lot to think about. This book has been out for a couple of years now so while I was reading, it was like I was connecting dots and getting answers to questions that have been sitting in the back of my mind for some time now. I now know why Dr. Mizuko Ito looked at me and rolled her eyes when I asked at a recent lecture she gave at Berkeley why texting hasn’t really taken off in the US. It’s covered in detail in this book and she is referenced quite a bit as a primary source of research.

I had the chance to dabble in SMS and have a new appreciation for T9 software. One of my first exchanges, while sitting on a beach in Hawaii was with a friend that I thought would be holed up in a meeting room in Silicon Valley. Nope, came the reply, he was sipping bitters at a pub in Edinburgh. The appreciation for the power of this medium was immediate!

Gotta try out this new RSS to SMS app Feedbeep.






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