Thanks Tail

A polite society based on mutual respect and courtesy requires new tools for the road. You flash your brights when you sugget someone go ahead or if warning on-coming traffic of a speed trap but what to do to when you want to indicate thanks to those that let you into traffic? Thanks Tail is a robotic rendition of a dog’s tail that is controlled from inside the car and can be wagged as an expression of “thank you” to the car behind you.

This thing would get you killed in New Jersey.

Thanks Tail – only in Japan






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  1. Spinneyhead Avatar


    From Japan, the latest gadget to promote courteous driving- the Thanks Tail.

  2. Rocketboom Avatar


    story links: sony psp, terri schiavo case, jeff weise live journal and flash animation, japanese tail wag (via), anya robot, numa numa kids, belgium…

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