Month: April 2005

  • Alameda, a boating community

    This is the view from the High Street Bridge, about a ten minute walk from our house. I read somewhere that Alameda has something like one sailor for every three residents and I hope that we can join their ranks someday.

  • Insider Pages – open source advertising

    Bill Gross’ Idealab launches Insider Pages which takes a shot at local listings, combines it with a recommendation engine and adds a touch of social networking. Damn, that was my idea. Where did I put that napkin anyway? If I were the Yellow Pages I would be worried. Very worried. They even use the Yellow […]

  • RSS traffic to grows by 342%

    The Silicon Valley Watcher points to a New York Times press release that states that pageviews generated by RSS feeds increased by 342% over the past year and grew an incredible 39% over the past month. While there is a hint in disappointment that the total number of RSS-generated pageviews represented only about 1% of […]

  • Automatic Niceties

    I’m behind an older gentleman in the supermarket checkout line and the boy bagging the groceries is clearly on auto-pilot, not really paying attention, just going through the motions. I don’t blame him, it’s the end of the day and this is probably the 350th bag he’s had to stuff. Gentleman is paying for his […]

  • Favorable Review of TypePad

    The Associated Press has done a review of several hosted weblog services including Microsoft’s Spaces and the recently launched Yahoo 360. TypePad comes out on top, Unfortunately, none of the five free or semi-free services satisfies me fully, and which one you choose depends on the specific features you value most. To get them all, […]

  • Contextual Advertising & Unintended Consequences

    The screenshot (click on image to view full screen) was taken from an entry in my feed reader the other day. I can’t imagine that the text of this sponsored link was intentional but it certainly speaks to the the editorial point being made in the article above it. Original post here but the contextual […]

  • Projects around the house

    We didn’t get up to much this weekend (short trip out to Japantown for their Cherry Blossom festival, another trip out to Walnut Creek so the kids could pick out materials to construct their own stuffed animal) which meant that Izumi and I got into our own projects. I spent time fiddling with a new […]

  • The New News at Yahoo

    Richard MacManus of Web 2.0 has some initial thoughts on the redesign of Yahoo News. More branding for the content providers, clever uses of collapsing menus so that it’s easier to flick between categories and top headlines from different sources, and a new "drill down" feature which lets you run a Y!Q search on words […]

  • Julia’s Special Day

    I took the morning off on Wednesday to take Julia to school for her “special day.” On this day, a parent stays with their child for the whole session and the child gets to sit up in front of the class next to the teacher and her parent and lead the activities for the day. […]

  • Mr. Smiley the Bus Driver

    One thing I love about living in the United States is the sense of humor that finds its way into daily life. The baggage handler at JFK that shouts out “Welcome to America!” at the top of his lungs as he hauls your bags off the conveyor belt. The Bart train driver who takes the […]