Laying Newspapers down to rest

More from AlacraBlog, Steve Goldstein has a roundup of some of the latest stories pointing to the demise of the newspaper as we now know it. It may take longer than we think but the signs are all there to the eventual end of a business model that has worked for over 200 years. Craig Newmark calls it a “tipping point” but is the first to admit that he’s not a news guy and doesn’t know how the model will evolve.

I realize I’m no newsguy, not an activist; just like everyone else, tired of news that I can’t trust. My favorite irony is that Jon Stewart produces fake news that’s honest; and the White House produces allegedly honest news that’s really fake.

My guess is that either me, personally, or my craigslist team, will promote work which merges professional and citizen journalism, along with more fact checking and more investigative journalism. We’re relying on people who really know this stuff to advise, and can’t predict what me or craigslist will do. However, it’s really important to us that we help newspeople and newspapers survive the big transition, and thrive.

One thing is certain, there will be changes and those that embrace this new frontier will be in a position to capitalize upon it while those that chose to ignore it do so at their peril.






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