Newsgator and Factiva

So nice to read that Factiva has partnered with Newsgator to bring Factiva’s premium content into the RSS world. I can think of several folks at Factiva that must be grinning at this news and I expect we’ll see quite a bit of momentum as a result of this initiative.

From Greg Reinacker’s post:

1. All existing Factiva customers will be able to access their Factiva content via NewsGator Online and NewsGator Outlook edition, for free. This includes millions of their customers who will now have free use of NewsGator products.

2. Certain Factiva content will be made available for NewsGator Online premium susbcribers, starting in June.

The next step now that folks can get their Factiva clips via RSS is to use Factiva Direct Links so that Factiva customers can blog and use Factiva content as the reference. Remember Direct Links?






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