Weekend Treasure Hunt

Looking for 10% lifetime discount off on a TypePad subscription? Just to keep things interesting and fun around here, I’m going to start hiding little promotional discount cards for TypePad around the city and post hints on this blog where you can find them. The first card is hidden near the corner of 4th and Harrison in San Francisco, in front of the Whole Foods entrance on 4th


Once you see this lightpost, look down, then around. A little froggie will be peering out at you.

Leave a comment once you pick up the card to keep others from looking. Stay tuned for more Weekend Treasure Hunts!






2 responses to “Weekend Treasure Hunt”

  1. Kokochi Avatar

    Hunt a blog.

    Go Hunt for a blog! via my creative brother, Ian….

  2. iankennedy Avatar

    This week’s card has been found. We’ll try a new one on Friday, stay tuned!

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