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  • How I Started Blogging

    Dave Winer posted a call for co-remembrances of the BloggerCon conferences he held in 2003/2004 which got me thinking about how I started this blog and kicked off a series of events that brought me to California to work at a blogging company and catch a wave that I’ve been on ever since. I attended […]

  • When Ad Sense Misbehaves

    Jay Allen of Six Apart points to Ad Sense showing up in his Vox comment box. It’s a bug of course (limited to Safari) but with all the talk about marketers "inserting themselves into the conversation" this made me laugh. UPDATE : Whiz kids over at 6A kicked the tires and now all is well […]

  • Yahoo Hosts Movable Type for its Small Business Customers

    So I’m really happy to see the announcement. I knew this was in the works but, because I used to work at Six Apart, I stayed away from getting too involved in the details of this partnership. I’d write more but I’m in the middle of the Syndicate conference. I’d just like to say it’s […]

  • The Baseball Collector

    Six Apart has a partnership with Major League Baseball to enable their fans to keep blogs. It’s been an amazing glimpse into America’s #1 obsession to see how many different perspectives people have on the sport. Every now and then I check back to see what’s new and today see that they’re featuring a blog […]

  • Serendipitous Audio Streaming Services

    Now joining last.fm is a new service, Pandora, which supplements revenue from affiliations with Amazon and Apple with a very reasonable subscription fee ($36/year, $12/quarter). The interface works better for me but that’s mostly because they’ve simplified the number options they make available. Unlike Last.fm, you cannot tag your music collection nor does it monitor […]

  • Movable Type 3.2

    The pop of a champagne cork at Noon today signaled that Movable Type 3.2 has been pushed out for general release. Jay, Brad, Ezra, Anil, Walt, and too many countless others to list all pulled together and have launched a product for which they should be really, really proud. I’m always amazed at the depth […]

  • Six Apart Mascot

    OK, I can no longer resist. My colleagues from my previous employer would appreciate this because I always was going on about how we needed a mascot to liven up our image. Say hello to Toph & TophToph the official TypePad mascot.

  • Shameless Plug

    The recent upgrade of TypePad has brought a whole host of new features that are worth highlighting. If you’ve been on the fence about getting into blogging, now is the time and TypePad’s the product! – Doubled Bandwidth and Storage– Snazzy new themes– Moderated comments– TypeKey integration Click on the button on the left to […]

  • Treasure Hunt #3

    TypePad 10% Lifetime Discount card to the first one there. In a back alley in San Francisco. Go to blupointesf.com to find address of a yummy restaurant near Union Square, get a seat outside in the back alley and while you are enjoying your scallops and Chardonnay, look for this card on the wall opposite […]

  • If only I was in better shape. . .

    In a past life I cycled my way across Europe including climbs over the Pyrenees and the Dolomites. I was in the best shape I’ve ever been and towards the end I rode along with an Austrian team out for a ride and stayed right along with them, panniers and handlebar bags and all. I’ve […]

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