When Ad Sense Misbehaves

Jay Allen of Six Apart points to Ad Sense showing up in his Vox comment box. It’s a bug of course (limited to Safari) but with all the talk about marketers "inserting themselves into the conversation" this made me laugh.

Ad Sense in Comments

UPDATE : Whiz kids over at 6A kicked the tires and now all is well – there’s nothing to see here – move along. 





3 responses to “When Ad Sense Misbehaves”

  1. Jeremy Zawodny Avatar

    Ha ha ha ha hahahahaah HAHAHA!

  2. Jay Allen Avatar

    It’s like punch the monkey, except for leaving a comment…. 🙂

    By the way, it’s not caused by Adsense, as David Davis points out…

  3. Daniel Avatar

    Must be javascript malfunctioning in Safari, who knows. 🙂

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