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  • Treasure Hunt #2

    If you’re going to be in San Francisco, look behind the “s” for 10% off your TypePad subscription. Hint: it’s near the merry-go-round. Be sure to leave a comment if you find it.

  • TypePad Enhancements

    Everything TypePad gives a taste of some of the cool new features coming down the pike for all you TypePad users out there. Comment & TrackBack Moderation, TypeKey Integration, and the ability (this one’s for you Buzz!) to select the format of TypePad’s comment notification email messages.

  • Boeing’s Flight Test Blog

    Ever wonder what it’s like to beta-test a major airline? Boeing takes the wraps off of their latest blog which will give a rare, inside view of the their new 777-200LR Worldliner aircraft as it runs (flies?) through the paces towards certification. This blog, or journal, is going to change that. Now we have a […]

  • Weekend Treasure Hunt

    Looking for 10% lifetime discount off on a TypePad subscription? Just to keep things interesting and fun around here, I’m going to start hiding little promotional discount cards for TypePad around the city and post hints on this blog where you can find them. The first card is hidden near the corner of 4th and […]

  • Sparkle Body Spray – P&G Character Blog

    The interactive agency Imc2, has launched a character blog running on Movable Type for P&G’s product, Secret Sparkle Body Spray. AdWeek covered the blog and some blogger purists have complained that a character blog, because it masks the true identity of its writer and in this case is blatant in its intent to market a […]

  • Fresno Bee does RSS

    Mark Thompson over at the Fresno Bee is turning on the paper’s online readers to the wonder and glory of RSS with a nice little how-to piece on Beehive, the site’s blog. A couple of people in the past few weeks have told me to check out what the Bee is up to and I’m […]

  • Walter Cronkite blogs the way it is

    I smile when I read Walter Cronkite’s first post on Arianna Huffington’s new group blog. I grew up with Uncle Walt rounding out the evening’s news and it’s great to see him back again and rolling up his sleeves to work on his blog.

  • Six Apart is Hiring

    We’re looking for someone local (San Francisco) to help out with some of the volume of inquiries (seems like everyone wants to know what a blog is these days. . . ) we’re getting. Interested parties, click here for the listing.

  • University of Minnesota upgrades to MT 3.16

    University of Minnesota’s UThink installation is one of the largest, (if not the largest) Movable Type installations in the academic world. Shane Nackerud, the administrator of their 1,200 blog network, has done yeoman’s work wrassling an earlier version of Movable Type (2.x) to fit his needs and written a number of scripts to help him […]

  • Blogs on the cover of BusinessWeek

    It’s going to be another busy week – BusinessWeek has a lengthy cover story on why companies need to pay attention to blogs. Go ahead and bellyache about blogs. But you cannot afford to close your eyes to them, because they’re simply the most explosive outbreak in the information world since the Internet itself. And […]