Favorable Review of TypePad

The Associated Press has done a review of several hosted weblog services including Microsoft’s Spaces and the recently launched Yahoo 360. TypePad comes out on top,

Unfortunately, none of the five free or semi-free services satisfies
me fully, and which one you choose depends on the specific features you
value most.

To get them all, you must pay at least $4.95 a month to subscribe to TypePad. It pretty much has everything I could ask for. . .

Full text of the review here.


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Boeing Blog takes off with Movable Type

After a false start with “another blogging software package,” we’re pleased to see that Boeing has come around and launched their blog on Movable Type. After criticisms for not having an RSS feed, permalinks, archives, nor search they’ve come around and included all of these features in Randy’s Journal 2.0.

They were also hammered for their style and what they wrote about:

A number of articles have been written in print and on the Web,
implying that Boeing’s blog and others like it just aren’t “real”
blogs. Why not? Because we don’t rip on the company in the blog.
Because we don’t trade in gossip. That’s funny. I happen to like the
fact that I work for Boeing and talk about aerospace.

I think that’s just fine. Define your passions and create your place to talk about them. That’s a true blog. You are a gardener of your space on the web and if it gets weedy and clouds out what you’re trying to say, it’s your job as an editor to keep things tidy for future readers. I do think it’s useful to have this direction stated up front which is why About pages are so important, they set direction and tone for your readers and future commenters.

Current Events

General Motors gets mileage from blogs, now Podcasting

General Motors created a lot of excitement and gained serious cred in the blogging world when they launched their Fast Lane blog several months ago. Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz hosted Michael Wiley, the sponsor of the the program in one of their podcasts.  Neville is a huge fan of Podcasts and I guess it rubbed off because now GM is podcasting and, according to Christopher Carfi who took time out to listen, has kept the “behind the scenes” feel right through to the podcasts which is great and should continue to draw car enthusiasts to their site.

Looks like the team at GM has done it again and broken another precedent in the world of corporate blogging. All good stuff for the world of blogging and good for GM too!


Yahoo API plugin for Movable Type

It was only a matter of time. Ken McCloskey over at Pixelabra has developed a plug-in to allow you to search Yahoo! using their new API from within Movable Type.

Current Events

TypePad in the Classroom

Bud Gibson, who teaches at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, writes about using TypePad in the classroom. On the three reasons why blogging is not just another technology in the classroom fad Bud writes,


By design, blogging allows individuals
to raise topics of interest and create threads of conversation without
having to ask anyone’s permission. That was an explicit design
consideration for this course; I wanted to know what was going on with
students. Bulletin boards tend to be top-down and are owned by one
person. Wikis force you to go through a social filter. Others can edit
your pages or even delete them.

Second, because blogging also produces XML-based feeds, it is very
easy to aggregate all of the individual contributions in one place
while still maintaining individual attribution.

Third, the XML-based feeds in blogs allow me to join people and
resources to my group vs. having to get them to join me. Note, I did
ask permission of everyone whose feed I aggregated into our site, but
they did not have to go through a sign-on process and explicitly
produce content for the site. By localizing content creation, blogs
make it possible to ask permission and get a coherent stream of content.


Yahoo Search API

Just in time for it’s 10 year anniversary, Yahoo opened up API access to its search platform.  Allowing programmatic access to search services via URLs is a trail that Google has already blazed but in what maybe another arms race as we saw with hosted email storage, Yahoo allows five times the number of queries; 5,000 over a 24 hour period.

There’s already an O’Reilly Hacks book in the queue (what’s with the cowboy boots on the cover anyway?), a growing list of applications that’s hosted on a wiki, and, a developer’s weblog running on our favorite blog platform, Movable Type.
Jeremy Zawodny
has done a great job of bringing together all the right tools to get this ecosystem off the ground and is clearly the booster that made it happen. Great work!

Opening up access this way ties in nicely with Yahoo’s media hub strategy which distributes their services in order to drive people back to Yahoo properties, boosting page views for advertising and brand awareness. The question on everyone’s mind is if the Search API set is a trial balloon for a broader rollout of other services. Yahoo IM? Finance? Music? Maps? Horoscope API anyone?

ThinkEquity, Equity Research Demystified

ThinkEquity Partners, a San Francisco based boutique investment firm, launched a blog for its equity research analysts. From their press release:

"ThinkBlog is leading the revolution in our industry," said Mr. Moe.
"With the NYSE making a play to extend trading hours to foster European
investments, real-time insightful intelligence on the ever-changing
landscape of the marketplace will be paramount. We are the first
Investment Bank to launch its own blog creating real-time, dynamic
exchange with bloggers from the worlds of business, technology and
investing. No other bank allows the level of openness and collaboration
between its readers, proving once again that ThinkEquity Partners LLC
is a leader in new media that is emerging due to its anywhere, anytime

By being the first of their peers they gained a bit of press buzz which hopefully gave them some new clients but, more importantly, by jumping feet first into the conversation, they will now reap the benefits of deeper insight into what’s going on in the market and find their voice and build cred. I see big opportunities for the equity analysts to use blogs to build a brand around their research and hope to see more Analyst Blogs soon.

Current Events

One veteran of Seventies politics says goodbye to another

Jerry Brown, former Governor of California, democratic presidential candidate, and current two term Mayor of Oakland, bids farewell to Hunter S. Thompson who inspired the style, if not spirit, of many of the bloggers of today.

Many thanks to Ted Shelton who seems to have introduced Jerry to blogging, plugged him in and turned him on.


Six Apart redesigned its corporate web site and now brings together all products, Movable Type, TypePad, and LiveJournal under one URL. has the look and feel of a portal but is actually run completely on Movable Type. 

Lots of good stuff here. A nice history page where you can learn about the company, a centralized support page where you can actually see what our crack support team looks like, a Movable Type case studies page, an integrated TypePad page which also serves as the Typepad login screen and features thumbnails of showcase sites, and finally a Partner section where we promote our hosting partners and have a blog of recent partner news.