After a false start with “another blogging software package,” we’re pleased to see that Boeing has come around and launched their blog on Movable Type. After criticisms for not having an RSS feed, permalinks, archives, nor search they’ve come around and included all of these features in Randy’s Journal 2.0.

They were also hammered for their style and what they wrote about:

A number of articles have been written in print and on the Web,
implying that Boeing’s blog and others like it just aren’t “real”
blogs. Why not? Because we don’t rip on the company in the blog.
Because we don’t trade in gossip. That’s funny. I happen to like the
fact that I work for Boeing and talk about aerospace.

I think that’s just fine. Define your passions and create your place to talk about them. That’s a true blog. You are a gardener of your space on the web and if it gets weedy and clouds out what you’re trying to say, it’s your job as an editor to keep things tidy for future readers. I do think it’s useful to have this direction stated up front which is why About pages are so important, they set direction and tone for your readers and future commenters.