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  • An ROI Metric for Social Media Marketing

    Steve Rubel posts a snippet from a new Forrester report that suggests ways that corporations can begin to measure the effective return on their blogging investments. One thing to keep in mind whenever you talk about blogging and ROI though is, as Jeremiah likes to say, the “I” for a blog-based social media marketing campaign […]

  • What’s in a name? Introducing Yodel Anecdotal

    an·ec·dot·al (adj) : of, relating to, or being the depiction of a scene suggesting a story Last night Yahoo! took the wraps off of a new corporate blog. Taking the place of Search blog which stood in for a long time as Yahoo’s central voice in the middle of a galaxy of Yahoo-specific product blogs […]

  • GM Chairman & CEO starts blogging on Fastlane

    Something not often mentioned when companies decide if it’s worth the effort to start up a corporate blog is the advantages of having a well-established audience when you need one. The argument I normally trot out in these cases is that of Kryptonite. Imagine if those guys had a blog up and running when the […]

  • Not thinking about your customer, why most Knowledge Management initiatives are DOA

    Enterprise software and corporate IT departments often forget about their real customers. Most KM initiatives look better on paper than in practice. Case and point below: I recently saw an example of that same top-down approach applied to sharing resumes internally at a large firm. Instead of going to a flexible folksonomy orientated Web 2.0 […]

  • Innovation Creators & Enterprise Digging

    Rod Boothby has been hard at work beating the corporate blogging drum where he works and part of his process has been to externalize his thinking on a blog set up specifically to generate awareness and test his ideas. He’s thought long and hard about not only the benefits of creating a blogging culture at […]

  • Infoworld on Blogs as lightweight content management

    InfoWorld surveys the corporate blogging landscape and sees them as a right-sized solution to basic content management. If you’re publishing a website, you’re managing content. Yet, if you go shopping around for a traditional content management solution, the enterprise software vendors will give you a six figure estimate with a healthy “services” chunk thrown in. […]

  • Fear of being blogged

    One last thing about the Blog Business Summit and then I’m done. Really. I was sitting next to a PR person from a major company and she was expressing frustration that the sessions were not going the way she wanted them. Since the bloggers that ran the session love to run things in an interactive […]

  • Slogging up the Business Blog Slope of Enlightenment

    Debbie Weil, a blog business consultant, points to a Gartner conference call in which they place RSS and Corporate Blogging heading into the Trough of Disillusionment. As you look at Gartner’s Emerging Technology Hype Cycle for 2005, (check out page 6 on the PDF) you can see that they place corporate blogging about two years […]

  • Business Blogs gets local coverage

    While I was on vacation last week, the Oakland Tribune ran a story about corporations getting into blogging for which I was interviewed. While the angle they took was a tad alarmist, (Watch Out! The first step into the blogging world can  be a doozy) but it’s nice to see business blogs getting some coverage […]

  • Big Media turns focus on Corporate Blogs

    Like a Tour de France peleton chasing down a breakaway, the mainstream media has turned its eye to corporate blogging with a spate of new articles. They all mention the obligatory posterchild of corporate blogs done right, General Motor’s FastLane Blog. But they also dig deeper and surface some of the other excellent blogs out […]