What’s in a name? Introducing Yodel Anecdotal

an·ec·dot·al (adj) : of, relating to, or being the depiction of a scene suggesting a story

Last night Yahoo! took the wraps off of a new corporate blog. Taking the place of Search blog which stood in for a long time as Yahoo’s central voice in the middle of a galaxy of Yahoo-specific product blogs (opml), Yodel Anecdotal is designed to be the place where we can post all those stories that we want to tell but don’t really fit next to stories about search engine weather reports.

Props to Paul Stamatio for the design. I especially like what he did with the rotating headers with random shots from around Yahoo! I have a 360 blog that I use for snapshots of things I see around campus but these are way better.

I first learned about the project when I was chatting with Paul in the burger line at the Yahoo cafeteria. He had one of the new Motorola Q devices which prompted me to strike up a conversation in which I later learned what he was up to. Nice work and what a great way to show what you did for your Summer internship.

Be sure to check out the intro video which is a fun little tour through the main campus (I can now show my parents in Japan where I work!). They had fun making the video and it shows.





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  1. Paul Stamatiou Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words Ian. People seem to be responding well to the blog.. it was only until this afternoon that I found out there were many little bugs to be fixed… the largest being that the sidebar would magically disappear, sometimes, in IE6.

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