Current Events

Ask Jeeves launches blog on TypePad

Ask Jeeves moved to a shiny new office tower in Oakland and launched a shiny new blog to boot!

UPDATE: and buys online RSS reader, Bloglines.


Six Apart Global Headquarters

Thanks to Niall, you can have a look-see around our new offices. Always nice to have blogger friends to document your life for you. I think this era has got to be the most documented age in human history. Too bad it’s all in bits though, 3,000 years from now no one will have a copy of IE or Firefox with which to read all this stuff!

For those that want to preserve their blogs in print, try


Pictures of the office

Thanks to another Kennedy (not related) you can see where Mie & I work.

GM Blogs

I’m here at the New Communications Forum conference up in Napa, now in the second session on "Corporate Blogging" and so far Bob Lutz’s General Motors Blog, Fast Lane has been mentioned at least five times as a blog that’s been done right and an example to study and follow.

    – it has an authoritative yet human voice. Bob Lutz is the Vice Chairman of General Motors speaking directly to his customers.
    – comments and trackbacks are enabled.
    – it has an RSS feed
    – it runs on Movable Type

Current Events


Washington Post’s columnist Joel Achenbach is up and running on TypePad for his Achenblog. column.

We’re all having a chuckle as he dives into the world of blogs. In this entry he writes about the levels of authorship that we provide and suggests some greater levels of authorship rights that we’ll be sure to look into for a future release:

. . .there’s “junior author” and “author” and “owner,” but I think there’s an even higher level than that, an uber-owner, with a sign-on that allows you to rearrange everything on our site AND go over to the Times site and insert mistakes. There’s probably a level yet higher — someone who can, for example, go into the Library of Congress website, into the American Memory section, and fiddle around with the original texts of sacred American documents, such as the Declaration of Independence.

Movable Type Hosting Partner page

For those of you who subscribe to this site via RSS (and for the benefit of the crawlers of the world), just letting you know that we now have a page where you can view the approved Movable Type Hosting Partners, find out more information about each one, and, if you’re a hosting company, apply to become a hosting partner.

For those of you reading this site, take a look at the big ol’ tile on the left!


Six Apart & Live Journal

The internet has been on fire the past few days here at Six Apart sales with the announcement that we are acquiring Live Journal. I’ll be the lazy meta man and link to our very own Jay Allen who’s done a great job of pulling together the “must reads” on the topic.

I will continue to plug Movable Type and TypePad as the best publishing tools for the corporate market because these products are best suited to achieve most business objectives that I hear about.

Continue to contact me if you’re interested in:

  • Purchasing a custom license of Movable Type for a large number of seats
  • Hosting Movable Type as an ISP or Hosting partner

Do not contact me for Live Journal partnership opportunities. Our intention is to do no more than touch it up a bit; smooth the edges & nothing more.

LiveJournal is going to be a separate brand from the Six Apart products much like there are Mercurys and Mustangs in the Ford family. Six Apart makes publishing tools that can be used to broadcast a message out to the world at large, Live Journal makes a collaboration & communication tool best used to keep members of a group in touch with one another. Weblogs & Live Journal are as different in application as email and IM – yes, they both communicate in the broadest sense but if you use both, they difference in use morphs the “culture” built up around them.

If anyone appreciates that, we do.

The funny thing is, you can have a weblog and a LiveJournal. The fact that some of the funniest and smartest people I know have both only reaffirms that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to one sort of publishing/communication mode.

Mena’s Corner

New TypePad Widget

Today we launched a new sidebar widget which pulls in your Amazon wishlist and displays thumbnail images from the items into a graphic which you can put into your sidebar.


Office Party

dsc02512.jpgOn Friday, my company held its Christmas Party in its new offices in San Francisco which are getting spiffed up for us to move into next week. The place was decked out in holiday lights with screens for a DJ to play slow motion snowboarding movies as background to his mix. It looked smashing. I was too busy to take many pictures but my moblogging sister covered for me.

Julia couldn’t wait to wear the dress she picked out for the event ($10 at the local consignment store), sleeping with the dress by her side every evening of the week leading up to the party.

Towards the end, there was a secret Santa gift exchange. Tyler won a Moleskin notebook (which he gave to dad), some funky socks (which he gave to mom), and a $10 Starbucks gift card (which he kept for himself). Julia scored the game, Operation to the Ooohs & Ahhhs of the collective crowd. When was the last time you played this game?


Field Trip


Today everyone in the office loaded up into a bus and headed up to San Francisco to see our new office into which we’re moving in January. Everyone was in high spirits, the offices in San Mateo are fine but the area has absolutely no character and the commute has been wearing thin for most of us who all live up in the city or East Bay.

We have all hands meetings every Friday but for today’s meeting we were in our new office and gathered around a conference table to hold our usual meeting, albiet, in our new space. After the normal status updates, we got a little giddy and our Mena hammed it up on the way back acting as a tour guide for us all, pointing out Candlestick Park, the It’s It factory, and other attractions.