Month: June 2005

  • Oliver Mtukudzi

    So I never got around to posting about the concert I went to see at Yoshi’s on Monday night. An old college and Tokyo friend, Rick Esquivel, suggested we go see the Zimbabwe pop artists Oliver Mtukudzi and I’m really glad I did. The venue is cozy. Mostly sit down with small tables for drinks […]

  • Treasure Hunt #3

    TypePad 10% Lifetime Discount card to the first one there. In a back alley in San Francisco. Go to to find address of a yummy restaurant near Union Square, get a seat outside in the back alley and while you are enjoying your scallops and Chardonnay, look for this card on the wall opposite […]

  • Google Earth, the ultimate time sink

    So I thought I’d spend some time catching up on some reading tonight but nooooo. . . Google released a new service called Google Earth and the rest of my evening was blown playing around with the program and then making a screencast just to see if I could. I punched in a bunch of […]

  • Product Blogs, a new business model

    My colleague, Loic Le Meur, is interviewed by Shel Israel for their upcoming book on business blogging. Loic shares his story about a T-shirt fanatic who built a community of like-minded T-shirt fans via his blog. His site is now a business which turns the traditional “we-design, you-buy” commerce model inside out (sorry about the […]

  • Charlie Wood, RSS as the Information Bus

    I wonder how many out there have, upon reading Steve Jobs’ recent commencement address, have reconfigured their life to pursue their dreams. First Richard MacManus cited Jobs’ speech as inspiration. Now, Charlie Wood, VP of Enterprise Solutions of Newsgator, has left his job to start a new venture. Spanning Partners will offer RSS integration services […]

  • Microsoft, Longhorn, and RSS

    Lots of buzz around Microsoft’s announcement that they are going to bake RSS into the next generation of Windows, Longhorn. If you’ve got the time, I highly recommend you sit through the MSDN Channel 9 video interview with the Longhorn/RSS team taken the day before their announcement at Gnomedex. You can feel the energy and […]

  • Open Source Humor

    Ever since I learned to read, I enjoyed cartoons that came each week in my father’s New Yorker. I have since come to appreciate the longer pieces but still marvel at the editorial efficiency of the one line caption. It’s a real art form. Recently, the magazine has opened up the art of the caption […]

  • The Two Cultures

    Remember CP Snow’s book, The Two Cultures? CNet staff writer Stephanie Olsen compares Yahoo & Google and  makes a bet that Yahoo’s corporate culture is better suited for the long haul.

  • If only I was in better shape. . .

    In a past life I cycled my way across Europe including climbs over the Pyrenees and the Dolomites. I was in the best shape I’ve ever been and towards the end I rode along with an Austrian team out for a ride and stayed right along with them, panniers and handlebar bags and all. I’ve […]

  • Les Claypool

    On a whim, I went to see Les Claypool last night. His bass playing style is a hard-hitting funk that I haven’t seen since I saw Keziah Jones several years back in Tokyo. His finger-slapping style throws out over the crowd like thick waves of jello – as soon as he starts playing, the whole […]

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