Oliver Mtukudzi

So I never got around to posting about the concert I went to see at Yoshi’s on Monday night. An old college and Tokyo friend, Rick Esquivel, suggested we go see the Zimbabwe pop artists Oliver Mtukudzi and I’m really glad I did. The venue is cozy. Mostly sit down with small tables for drinks and light food. Sushi seemed to be the dish of choice. The music was great and we had some seats right up front but couldn’t resist the urge to get up and dance.

About halfway through the set, Oliver dedicated a song of his which had been recently covered by Bonnie Raitt to "Ms. Raitt who’s somewhere out there." I thought he meant figuratively because I know Bonnie lives in the Bay Area. Of course we were all delighted when she later bounded up on stage to belt out the chorus along with the rest of his band. She later stepped down to join us in dancing through the rest of the set.

That’s one thing I love about living here. There are so many great musicians that make the Bay Area their home and in the grand tradition of their art, they often show up and play with visiting artists to make local concerts here truely unique experiences.






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