Sarcasm & Vitriol

The enormity of the suffering and absurdity of the federal government’s response is beginning to sink in. Some are turning to sarcasm:

Two images transposed by mrfurious, President Bush posing with a new guitar given to him while he was visiting a San Diego Airforce Base the day after Katrina hit New Orleans. The original photo can be found here but I think everyone agrees that this is going to be a photo op that Bush is going to want to forget.

Others are just plain angry. Listen to the full interview of Ray Nagin, the Mayor of New Orleans. Very powerful stuff, his outburst struck a chord with the interviewers and left them speechless.

That was yesterday when tempers were fraying at the lack of response. The President later admited that the initial response was not enough and, thankfully, we now see that food and water is getting through.






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