Month: October 2005

  • Blackout


    The power was out when I came home today, second time this week. Alameda Island has it’s own power company and several times a year they have trouble keeping the juice on. I think some poor squirrel was the cause last time. Today the power was out for about an hour so we got to […]

  • “Hosted Office. Hosted Everything.”

    Richard MacManus hones in on the key quote in an Information Week article about Microsoft’s direction with SharePoint. At a conference scheduled to take place in San Francisco next week, Microsoft is due to announce it’s plans for software-as-a-service and it appears that this will mean more than just hosted SharePoint servers. How much would […]

  • Penny for your thoughts

    Anil Dash writes that Flickr, because it’s generating ad impressions off of content submitted by their users, should share it’s wealth and pay it’s members. Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake replies that there’s more to life than money. I work at Yahoo which recently acquired the Flickr service so you’re excused if you think I’m one-sided […]

  • Mie & Dav’s Wedding

    So the knot was tied – or bunched together and presented for all to see. My sister Mie and her beau Dav celebrated their commitment to each other with an un-formal formality in a bar in San Francisco. There was a cake with Burning Man iconography, a band in the form of a warbling Japanese […]

  • Spam Blogs and Financial Incentive

    Technorati’s Niall Kennedy posts about the recent spate of spam blogs coming out of Google’s Blogger service and describes Google’s Blogger and Adsense service as parts of a spam suite. BoingBoing first posted Niall’s theory that CAPTCHA’s are no longer a valid block and are circumvented by spammers who redirect the test to eager seekers […]

  • Unsubscribe

    In this new age of, "get your information when you want it & how you want it," more of the heavy consumers of content are starting to burn out from having too much to read. I dread all the unbolded items in my feedreader that are patiently awaiting review. I’m looking forward to thinking how […]

  • Casual Content Creators

    In my new role here at Yahoo, I am shifting gears and tone down my focus on corporate blogs and think more about blogging (and other Social Media tools) for the masses. My target audience has shifted from the VP of Marketing or Chief Knowledge Officer to the mother of three in suburban New Jersey. […]

  • Working towards a new metric

    Back in August, Mary Hodder riffed on the shortcomings of Google’s PageRank and Technorati’s incoming links algorithms for ranking blogs. Counting links is very much like counting subscriptions to magazines in order to sell ads, as far as comparing it to a number not reflective of what is actually going on with the media it’s […]

  • Blogs by Mail

    I was listening to the This Week in Tech (TWiT) podcast this morning and Dvorak called the whole Web 2.0 conference “groupthink.” Yes, the hype meter was turned up higher than last year and at $2,800 a pop, the conference weeded out the starving developer types and favored the MBA & Biz Dev folks which […]

  • Belated Review of Web 2.0

    I’m a bit slow out the gate with this post and I expect you all to take whatever I say with a big ol’ grain of salt because of my new position with Yahoo. Truth is, there’s lots going on both here at Yahoo and the industry at large. Let’s take a quick rundown over […]