So the knot was tied – or bunched together and presented for all to see. My sister Mie and her beau Dav celebrated their commitment to each other with an un-formal formality in a bar in San Francisco. There was a cake with Burning Man iconography, a band in the form of a warbling Japanese cowboy (Toshio Hirano), a bartender serving mean mojitos and even handmade corsages provided by Mie’s friend Rachel.

Papa Kennedy

There were a few speeches including a great one by my father in a 16th century powdered wig (pictured) which opened with, “so this is San Francisco!” and ended with “marriage is what you make it.” I read a passage from Thoreau – “To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” and Rachel read a touching note from someone who couldn’t be there.

There was some dancing and I’m sure the party went on late into the evening but our little doggies were wiped out and fell asleep as soon as we buckled them in for the ride home.