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  • Dancing Heart Guy Unveiled

    Have you ever wondered about that joyous dude dancing on the bridge right near Potrero Hill, greeting everyone stuck in traffic driving North into the city via the 101? Thank you KQED and #‎BayCurious‬ team for finding out. It’s people like this that make this city what it is. Hat tip to Dav for sharing […]

  • Timelapse of the Golden Gate

    Timelapse of the Golden Gate

    I had some time to kill over the weekend so tried out a timelapse of the fog rolling in over San Francisco. Here’s the result. Sunset on the Golden Gate from ian kennedy on Vimeo.

  • Howl 2.0

    UC Berkeley professor Ken Goldberg and documentary filmmaker (and founder of the Webby Award) Tiffany Shlain put together a modern update to Allen Ginsberg’s famous Beat Generation poem, Howl (also purportedly written in Berkeley). Yelp exhorts us all to unplug from from our endless quest for the next info-fix and, “power-down and revisit the present tense.” […]

  • A Good Host is Worth It

    A couple of days ago I had one of those “uh-oh” moments when you’re not quite paying attention and do something you really shouldn’t have but don’t realize it until it’s already done. This was a doozy. My web hosting provider, Laughing Squid Web Hosting, jumped in and saved me. It’s times like these when you […]

  • Golden Gate Western Wear

    We have a friend visiting from Japan and besides visiting the redwoods, she’s also on a mission for some Tony Lama cowboy boots which are all the rage in Tokyo. I found a place that carries them up in Richmond, Golden Gate Western Wear. The site speaks to you out of the backwoods. From the […]

  • Coyle & Sharpe

    The original San Francisco Pranksters

  • Long Journey West to the Farallons

    Photo by Todd Sampson Our first trip on Todd’s sailboat out beyond the Golden Gate was very relaxing. There was pretty much no wind so we ended up motoring almost the entire 90 miles out and back to the Farallon Islands. Not that I mind – I was a bit nervous having never ventured out […]

  • Time Lapse Video of Bay Bridge Construction

    The Bay Bridge was closed this Labor Day weekend so we stayed close to home and didn’t venture across the Bay into the city. Here’s a time lapse video of what CalTrans was up to. The bridge opened this evening, 11 hours ahead of schedule. CC Myers was the contractor on the job, the same […]

  • Mie & Dav’s Wedding

    So the knot was tied – or bunched together and presented for all to see. My sister Mie and her beau Dav celebrated their commitment to each other with an un-formal formality in a bar in San Francisco. There was a cake with Burning Man iconography, a band in the form of a warbling Japanese […]

  • July 4th weekend, Dancing ’til Dawn, BBQs, Parades, more BBQs and Fireworks

    My sister finally fulfilled her dream and dragged me out for a night on the town. We piled into two taxi cabs and raced through the streets of San Francisco to an non-descript warehouse where DJs held fourth and mixed sonic waves of sound effects to titilate the crowd into a frenzy. I had a […]