Golden Gate Western Wear

We have a friend visiting from Japan and besides visiting the redwoods, she’s also on a mission for some Tony Lama cowboy boots which are all the rage in Tokyo. I found a place that carries them up in Richmond, Golden Gate Western Wear. The site speaks to you out of the backwoods. From the Store Hours page:

I may be the last guy in the country not to use an answering
machine. I figure you don’t need to waste a long distance call
to find out we’re not here. You’ll know that after 8 or 10
rings for free. Please refer to above opening schedule and
call back.

We’re closed on holidays and for earthquakes.

Should be fun. Looking forward to meeting the guy.

UPDATE: The owner wasn’t there but photos from the visit are here.





3 responses to “Golden Gate Western Wear”

  1. Cacties Western Wear Avatar
    Cacties Western Wear

    Looks like a nice little shop. Did your friend get his boots?

  2. iankennedy Avatar

    Yep! She sure did. Pleased as pink she is.

  3. sandy green Avatar

    Nice shop!!
    I am sure you can find something there.:)

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