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I was listening to the This Week in Tech (TWiT) podcast this morning and Dvorak called the whole Web 2.0 conference “groupthink.” Yes, the hype meter was turned up higher than last year and at $2,800 a pop, the conference weeded out the starving developer types and favored the MBA & Biz Dev folks which many view as not in tune with the central message. Was AOL’s purchase of Weblogs Inc. an attempt to purchase some Web 2.0 juice? It looks like we’re headed back to the echo chamber debate (it seems like this debate comes up every year, right after all the October conferences) so and I’m looking forward to a visit with my relatives in Tennessee for a reality check.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to bring what’s going on in my online world to the wider world of my offline friends. Qoop is a cool service that will print & bind your blog (beta) or Flickr stream. Last year I gave each of my inlaws one of those beautiful, hardcover bound iPhoto books. Another cool idea is a subscription service that turns each of your blog posts into a “meatspace” letter which gets sent to your internet-challenged grandparents.






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